Auto dialing security system with PIR sensor

Auto dialing security system with PIR sensor
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  • efficient personal security system for indoor use
  • built-in PIR detector
  • detects human movement within the effective area
  • up to 5 telephone numbers can be stored for auto dialing
  • AC mains powered
  • alarm sound ON/OFF function
  • auto dials the memorized telephone number during alarm phase
  • DTMF and pulse adjustment
  • the ADS displays time and telephone number
  • set includes ADS, power adapter and telephone cable
  • entry delay alarm: 1 minute


  • power supply: adapter 9VDC / 300mA (incl.)
  • backup: 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries LR03C (not incl.)
  • detection range: ±6m
  • detection angle: ±120°
  • dimensions: 80 x 48 x 112mm
  • weight: 330g