Carbon monoxide detector 3xAA

Carbon monoxide detector 3xAA
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WARNING!!! In order to maintain the smooth operation of the device, the device should be regularly tested at least once a week.
The average lifetime of the device (sensor electronics) is approximately five years. This time is strictly depends on the environmental conditions in which the equipment worked, production date, the amount of activation alarm, etc.).
Safety Guidelines
To minimize the risk associated with carbon monoxide CO qualified professional should check regularly (at least once a year) heating system, ventilation system, chimneys and the fumes from fuel-powered devices. All heating appliances should always be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to local building codes. All devices should be installed and checked by experts after installation. Regularly examine the connection pipe, fuel supply or exhaust discharge, for any leaks, cracks, rust, etc. You should also pay attention to the color of the flame burners (yellow or orange color can be a symptom of incomplete combustion of fuel). It is essential to consult with all members of the household alarm devices used in the system.


  • Constant monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in the range of the sensor.
  • Signaling alarm sound and optical indicator (red LED)
  • Automatic signaling shows the need to replace the batteries (one beep every 30 seconds, the green LED flashes continue once every 30 seconds), the display show message "Lb"
  • The Test / Reset button to test the electronics unit and verify the proper operation of the device and reset the unit during alarm.
  • Alarm memory feature: If the unit ever trigger the alarm, press and hold the TEST button enables to check the level of carbon monoxide that caused the alarm. It is also possible to reset this value.
  • Green and red LED lights that indicate normal operation and alarm status.
  • Power Saving Function.
  • Large 3 field LCD display.
  • Power supply: 3 1.5V AA
  • The sensitivity and response time:
    • 50ppm, alarm within 60-90 minutes
    • 100 ppm, an alarm within 10-40 minutes
    • 300 ppm, an alarm within 3 minutes
  • Display: LCD, 3 pole, illuminated
  • Volume: 85 dB
  • Power consumption: <80uA;
  • Ambient temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C
  • Permissible ambient humidity: 20% ~ 90% RH