Backup power supply EBU1 9V with battery

Backup power supply EBU1 9V with battery
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Backup Power Supply EBU1 for any electronic equipment applications where uninterrupted power supply is needed. Has output for failure indication. Charges Ni-Mh 9V 250mAh battery which is already installed in the unit. 

System application examples:

  • Any alarm detectors
  • ESIM021, ESIM251, EW1, ET08 power back-up
  • Any electronic equipment


• Provides power for low power electronic equipment when main power supply failure
• Open collector output for indication of mains failure
• Ni-Mh rechargeable battery included
• Plastic enclosure for easy fixing to the wall or other surface
• 5 x 15cm long wires included for easy installation


Power supply: 11,5-30 VDC  
Output power supply while operating on battery: 6,5-10,5 VDC max 0,5A  
Battery type: Ni-MH 9V 250mAh
Output for external power supply indication: Open collector
Dimensions: 80x36x21mm