LED OSRG3131A2 20mA 3mm Red - Green

LED OSRG3131A2 20mA 3mm Red - Green
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  • Manufacturer: OPTOSUPPLY     
  • Type of diode: LED     
  • LED diameter: 3mm     
  • LED version: bipolar, bicolour     
  • LED colour: red/green     
  • Luminosity of red colour: 500-750mcd     
  • Luminosity of green colour: 500-750mcd     
  • Viewing angle: 30°     
  • Front: convex     
  • Wavelength of red colour λd: 620-630nm     
  • Wavelength of green colour λd: 565-575nm     
  • LED lens: transparent     
  • LED current: 20mA     
  • Operating voltage: 1.8...2.4V     
  • Mounting: THT     
  • Operating temperature: -30...80°C
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