Antenna “WiFiDirect”

Antenna “WiFiDirect”
Antenna “WiFiDirect”
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Antenna “WiFiDirect” is designed to increase the coverage of a Wi-Fi network in a given direction. The antenna is mounted on regular antenna Wi-Fi routers and access points and provides amplification of signal in one direction and the suppression of spurious signals and interference in another by beamforming.

Antenna “WiFiDirect” is made in the form of a nozzle, easily fits over the standard antenna of the router or access point and is heading in the right direction. Gain “WiFiDirect” relative to standard antennas router is 8-12 dB, i.e. the gain level of the source signal by 3-4 times!

  • Placing antennas: Outdoor
  • Antenna Type: Communication Antenna
  • Supported communication standards: WiFi
  • Operating frequencies: 2400..2500 MHz
  • The gain, max.: 10dBi
  • Dimensions of assembly: 160х61х12mm
  • Weight: no more 0.1kg
  • Connector type: not required
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