Nano Sim Card Cutter

Nano Sim Card Cutter
Product Code: I-NS17A
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Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3G. It enables fast and smooth cutting a SIM card in the device that require card NanoSIM.

Product features:

  • It allows for quick and accurate cutting a full-sized SIM MicroSIM or to a smaller size (Nano SIM).
  • The device with cut very precisely - there is no possibility of damage to the electronics cut the cards.
  • Cutting stainless steel, it will be used for a long time without failure.
  • With this wycinarce you do not have to buy separate cards NanoSIM to your device.
  • To clipped card inserted into the phone jack with a standard SIM card or use a MicroSIM adapter (3 such adapters are attached to the cutter).
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