Cable "HDMI Male - HDMI Male" 8K/60Hz 2.0 m

Cable  "HDMI Male - HDMI Male" 8K/60Hz 2.0 m
Product Code: K-HDMI/2/8K
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  • Ultra HD up to 8K@60Hz (4320p), 4K@120Hz (2160p) geeignet and 3D 50/60Hz
  • New HDMI standard for impeccable movies and gaming experiences
  • HDCP 2.2
  • Supported color space RGB with 14 Bit, color subsampling YCbCr 4:2:0, Video-Compression DSC 1.2
  • Data rate max. 48 Gbit/s


Connection 1, type: HDMI™ male (type A)
Connection, width: 20.4 mm
Connection, housing material: PVC
Connection 2, type: HDMI™ male (type A)
Connection, contact material: gold-plated
Connection, shielding: yes
Connection, height: 11.4 mm
Connection, length: 42.1 mm
Connection 2, width: 20.4 mm
Connection 2, height: 11.4 mm
Connection 2, length: 42.1 mm
Cable type: round cable
AWG 30
Cable sheath diameter (approx.):
6.3 mm
Inner conductor material: copper
Cable length: 2 m
Inner conductor cross-section: 0.254 mm²
Number of shieldings: 2 x
Type 2, shielding braid: (aluminium) 144x
Kink protection: yes
Ferrite core: no
Inner Conductor number: 1 pieces
Max. transmission rate: 48 Gbit/s
Other supported standards: Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), HDCP 2.2, HDR (High Dynamic Range)

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