Remote control LG AKB73615303

Remote control LG AKB73615303
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Supported models: AKB73615303 AKB73615362 AKB73615302 AKB73615361 AKB73615362, 42PM470T, 50PM470T, 50PM670T, 50PM680T, 42LA6230, 32LM620T, 42LM620S, 42LM620T, 42LM660T, 32LN5400, 32LN540B, 37LN540B, 39LN5400, 42LN5400, 42PN450B, 47LN5400, 50LN5400, 50PN450B, 50PN6500, 60PN6500, AKB73715603, AKB73615397