Amplifier wiring kit KM0011

Amplifier wiring kit KM0011
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  • 4 AWG power cable, clear red 7x3x15/0.20CCA 9.7mm 4.88M
  • 4 AWG ground cable clear black 7x3x15/0.20CCA 9.7mm 0.9M
  • 12 AWG speaker cable clear with red line 2x26/0.20CCA 4.2x8.4mm 6.1M
  • RCA cable clear blue 2x(10/0.12CCA+PVC+30/0.12CCA) 3.4x6.8mm 4.6M
  • 18 AWG remote wire solid blue 7/0.20CCA 2.4mm 4.6M
  • Wire loom PE black 4awg 0.9M
  • HX-8006 fuse holder with 60A fuse