Car Audio Kit 1500W

Car Audio Kit 1500W
Car Audio Kit 1500W
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What makes a long car ride enjoyable? Music with an excellent sound! This HQ set contains everything you need for a full and powerful sound. This kit is an extended set of good quality cables, fuses and more. This set has loose plugs. Easily install a great stereo set in your car, of course with the right audio equipment.

General information:

  • 5 m 2 AWG flexible red power cable
  • 1 m 2 AWG flexible black ground cable
  • 5 m 18 AWG remote turn-on wire
  • 5 m double shielded RCA cable
  • 5 m 16 AWG speaker wire
  • 1 Fuse holder including 1x 150A fuse
  • All necessary accessories for installation
Kit type 1500 W
Conductor material OFC
Version Connection
Plating Gold
Shielding material PVC