Vibration Absorber 50x75x0.18cm STP iSilver Antirust

Vibration Absorber 50x75x0.18cm STP iSilver Antirust
Brand: Standartplast
Product Code: Q-STPISILVER
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Our traditional very popular STP iSilver upgraded with anti-rust additives to ensure that chassis does not rust. This is a very flexible waterproof material which adheres to complex surfaces tightly, providing highest vibration damping for material of this kind.

A multi-layered vibration damping material with aluminum foil outer surface, polymer layer on butyl rubber base and a self-adhesive glue layer. 1500 hours of testing under the salt fog show no detectable corrosion centers.

Suitable for:
Doors, Roof, Boot lid, Bonnet lid, Firewall.

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