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4-Channel Amplifier Rockford Prime R300X4 300 Watt
Rockford Fosgate amplification at an unbelievable value. The R300X4 4-channel amplifier is so versat..
150.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-R300X4
Amplifier JA-728ATX 2/1 Channel 600Wmax BOSCHMANN
AMPLIFIER FEATURES Tri-Boost MOSFET Technology With 30% Larger Field Effect Magnitude Extern..
78.20€ with VAT
Product Code: B-JA728ATX
Car amplifier BOSCHMAN JX-4988Z 4channels 1600Wmax
Model        JX-4988Z    Frequency    &..
130.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-JX4988Z

Car Amplifier BOSCHMANN MB-X290W 2 Channel 1000Wmax
4/3/2 Channel 4x 125W / 1 x 250W RMS at 4 ohms 2 x 200W RMS at 2 ohms Frequency from 5 - 30..
82.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-MBX290W
Car amplifier BOSCHMANN PCH-6882EX 4/3/2 channel 1200Wmax
:: Max Output: 1200 Watts:: 4 Ohms Max Power Output @ 0.035% T.H.D.: 300W x 4ch:: 4 Ohms Bridged Pow..
110.06€ with VAT
Product Code: B-PCH6882
Car Amplifier BOSCHMANN XJ1-M4968 4 Channel 2500Wmax
4/3/2 Channel 4 x 180 / 2 x 360 Watt at 4ohms 4 x 285 Watt at 2 ohms 5 - 30000 Hz Frequency..
189.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-XJ1M4968
Car amplifier BOSCHMANN XR-888 4 ch 1200Wmax
Kanalai - 4/3/2Max galia - 1200WGalia RMS 4ohm - 4x65W/2x200WGalia RMS 2ohm - 4x110WDažnių juosta (L..
99.92€ with VAT
Product Code: B-XR888

Car amplifier D-class 4channel 4x60Wrms
127.43€ with VAT
Product Code: B-JA8899
Car amplifier ESX SIGNUM 2/1channel 360Wmax
Galingumas RMS (nominalus) 2 x 60W - 4 Ω   2 x 90W - 2 Ω   1 x 180W - 4 Ω Galingumas MAX (maksimalus..
115.56€ with VAT
Product Code: B-SX260
Car Amplifier JA-948ATX 4/3/2 Channel 1200Wmax BOSCHMANN
AMPLIFIER FEATURES Tri-Boost MOSFET Technology With 30% Larger Field Effect Magnitude Extern..
109.77€ with VAT
Product Code: B-JA948ATX

Car amplifier KRACK 4channel 4x88Wrms
115.85€ with VAT
Product Code: B-RAM100
Car amplifier RENEGADE 4channel 700Wmax
Galingumas RMS (nominalus)4 x 95W - 4 Ω 4x 135W - 2 ΩGalingumas MAX (maksimalus)4 x 350W - 2 Ω 2 x 7..
144.52€ with VAT
Product Code: B-REN1400
Car amplifier Voice Kraft VK-237 2x20W
High quality VK 237 car amplifier with a maximum power of 400W. Its small dimensions allow easy inst..
18.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-VK237
Car AmplifierBOSCHMANN MB-X490W 4 Channel 1900Wmax
Galia MAX (W): 1900 Galia RMS 4ohm (W): 4x90 Galia RMS 2ohm (W): 4x150 Dažnių juosta (Hz): 5~30 0..
115.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-MBX490W

Car Audio Amplifier Boschmann 4x60W PCH-4882EX
Galia MAX (W): 900 Galia RMS 4ohm (W): 4x60 Galia RMS 2ohm (W): 4x90 Dažnių juosta (Hz): 5~50 000..
100.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-PCH4882EX
Car Audio Amplifier Boschmann XW-F4399 4-ch 1200W Max
Specification: Power Max (W): 1200 Power RMS 4ohm (W): 4x75 Power RMS 2ohm (W): 4x115 Fr..
100.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-F4399
Car Audio Amplifier ESX SIGNUM SX-2100, USA
2 kanalų garso stiprintuvas Galingumas RMS (nominalus): 2 x 100W - 4 Ω 2 x 1..
144.52€ with VAT
Product Code: B-SX2100
Car Audio Amplifier TL-X100 2x70W
Amplifier CAR AUDIO BLOW TL-X100 2x70W AUDIO: Continuous output power 70W x 2RMS (4Ohm / 1..
30.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-TLX100
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