Elementų testeris MW-222 MINWA

Elementų testeris MW-222 MINWA
Gamintojas: Minwa Electronics Co., LTD
Prekės kodas: P-MW222
Laikinai nėra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 3.50€ su PVM
*Ši nuotrauka skirta tik susipažinimui su produktu. Tikrasis produktas gali skirtis nuo nuotraukos.
Now there is a battery tester that is designed to test any "AA", "AAA", "C", "D" or 9V NiMH , NiCD, Alkaline, or any other battery chemistry of the afore mentioned sizes. This tester will even test small button type batteries also. Now you can determine if your batteries are charged, or even if a battery is defective. Simple to use compact battery tester Extremely simple to use and its Great for checking batteries in the field. No more guessing at which batteries are charged or discharged, or if the batteries are even accepting a charge
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