Induktyvumo ritė 60uH 0.7A

Induktyvumo ritė 60uH 0.7A
Gamintojas: EPCOS AG
Prekės kodas: H*B82134A5701M
Yra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 2.60€ su PVM
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Epcos VHF choke inductors have a polyester insulating sleeve and are constructed from a cylinder core of carbonyl iron. The winding consists of single-layer, enamel copper wire. Suitable applications for these inductors include interference suppression in small appliances, decoupling in telecommunications and entertainment electronics.

Suitable for wave soldering
Design complies with EN 60938
High resonant frequency
Terminal base material CU, hot-dip tinned with pure tin

Product Category: Fixed Inductors
Inductance: 60 uH
Tolerance: 20 %
Maximum DC Current: 700 mA
Maximum DC Resistance: 770 mOhms
Operating Temperature Range: - 55 C to + 125 C
Termination Style: Axial
Length: 30 mm
Diameter: 7.5 mm
Series: B82134
Brand: EPCOS / TDK
Core Material: Iron
Packaging: Reel
Product: RF Inductors
Self Resonant Frequency: 34 MHz
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