Pro'sKit is a leading brand and manufacture, supplying electronic, computer, networking & telecom industries and education field with 4,000 products of hand tools, power tools, test instruments and more since 1991.

SHIMASTU, a specialist in Seal Lead Acid(SLA)battery, gel battery and motorcycle battery from Japan AGM technology, has been researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing batteries through out the world since 2001.

V. Ličio firma "Evita"

H7 xenon lights 6000K (6000K, 2500Lm)
55.03€ 43.44€
SALE OFF LED reflector 230V GU10 yellow
4.34€ 2.90€
SALE OFF Subwoofer  KODA SW-1000 80W
101.08€ 95.28€
SALE OFF FLB luminescence lamp 30cm blue
4.34€ 3.19€
  • Elfa Distrelec
  • Digi-key
  • Velleman
  • Mouser
  • Proskit
  • Schukat
  • Nedis
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